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Now you don't;
I made a Cyclops (Movie verse) RP account ▷

I really just recycled the blog from my old ‘Lord of the Flies’ account so if you scroll down far enough all you see for a long time is spiders and butterflies.

(A lot of info isn’t set yet but I’m hoping to find a place once starting out. OC/Cross-Over friendly.)


Kurt spam! Holy crap- I draw Nightcrawler a lot!


Le Mutant Noir
A homage to Théophile Steinlen’s 1896 poster advertising a tour of the Le Chat Noir’s (a 19th century french nightclub) troupe of cabaret entertainers. Boyfriend and I just thought it seemed to fit Nightcrawler well as the original poster means ‘coming soon’ and Kurt makes his return after a 3 and half year death to comics in Nov/Dec.

So this is my ‘yay welcome back!’ piece for him. Don’t ever die again >:C
I’ll see if I can offer it as a poster but I don’t think it’ll work for a tee.



Giant-Sized Astonishing X-Men #1



(lo pinta Marcio Takara)


Nightcrawler by Stephen Mooney #BAMF


Wolverine vs Nightcrawler by John Bolton




He was a gift and I couldn’t be happier with how he turned out.  I try my best to keep these captions short so it looks cleaner in a reblog but here a few notes.  There’s a little Errol Flynn in his face as well as some facial hair to jazz him up a little and make him more “mine.”  There’s also some digital kisses that aren’t in the original painting like subtle color shifts to imply sun fading and wear.  I wanted to showcase his mutant powers in a fun way so I came up with this composition.  Sure, he ends up doing the silliest, shortest, most frivolous teleportation he’s probably ever done and it comes off looking a little more “phasing-through-walls” than I’d intended.  But I think it’s a playful looking piece and I’d love to hear your thoughts!

I dunno how ‘Crawler grows stubble like that but I like it anyhow.